The Chandos Singers of Bath

A chorus of about 20 singers, currently concentrating on works, both sacred and secular, which by the time of the performance have not become over-performed by other choral groups. Where possible, the composer's first version is used.



Forthcoming Performances

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Saturday 12th November 2016 at St. James' Priory, Bristol at 3pm

Magna Carta: the foundation of liberty?


A Concert to mark the 800th anniversary of the reissue of Magna Carta in Bristol.

[King John died in October 1216, a few months after sealing the first Magna Carta. The French Dauphin, Prince Louis, was proclaimed English King in St Paul's Cathedral, but many of the barons feared that they would not be able to control him. John's son, the 9-year-old Henry III, could be moulded to the barons' wishes and together they reissued a second version of Magna Carta at Bristol Castle on 12th November 1216]

The concert is in aid of Freedom From Torture

With music of 1200-1220 and a history presentation by Professor Peter Fleming

The music to be performed is listed on the All Future page.

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Saturday 4th February 2017, at Magdalen Chapel at 7.30pm

Winter Concert

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Saturday 1st April 2017, at Magdalen Chapel at 7.30pm

Spring Concert

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Saturday 8th July 2017, at Magdalen Chapel at 7.30pm

Summer Concert

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