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Welcome to the web-site of Bath’s The Chandos Singers.

This site is undergoing complete revision, but should be up-and-running by the end of Thursday 25th May 2017.

The Chandos Singers of Bath are a chorus of about 20 singers, currently concentrating on works, both sacred and secular, which by the time of the performance have not become over-performed by other choral groups. Where possible, the composer’s first version is used.

Chandos’ next performance will be on

Saturday 8th July 2017, at Magdalen Chapel, The Holloway, Bath at 7.30pm

All the works to be performed in Chandos’ Summer Concert were written by composers who had strong ties with Bath.

The concert will include the first full performance of Malcolm Hill’s Avon Street – en plein air – a setting of Caroline Heaton’s 2016 poem which appeared in “find another bath” – a book designed and published by Anna Kot and Carlos Ordonez in association with Fringe arts Bath. (The painting below is by Ben Hughes of Bath, which appeared opposite Caroline Heaton’s poem in find another bath.)


Other pieces in the concert include works by William Croft (1678-1727), William Herschel (1738-1822), Thomas Linley (1756-78); works composed in the 20th century by Waller Goodworth and Katharine Tylko; and pieces written more recently by members of Chandos Singers (Mo Boys, Brian Wilson and Cameron Neylon).

Soloists include Jane Hunt (soprano) and Paul Feldwick (bass-baritone).

Tickets may be purchased from members of Chandos, on the door or from Bath Box Office.

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On Saturday 19th August, most of the Chandos Singers will appear at the Magdalen Chapel at 7.30 either as soloists or as chorus in Malcolm Hill’s one-act comedy-opera Bath: Graveyard of Ambition. This is to mark the departure of Bath Chamber Opera’s leading tenor (Robert Jack) who also sings with Chandos and who will be taking up a new appointment in Cambridge University in the following month. The opera is in pseudo-Poulenc style and is set in a waiting room in Bath, where patients comment on living in the pollution, problems with seagulls and parking as well as the joys and pitfalls of living in a Georgian city. The second half of the concert will be solos, duets and choruses. Main soloists include Jane Hunt and Katharine Adams (sopranos), Julia Rushworth (mezzo), Robert Jack (tenor) and Paul Feldwick (bass-baritone) who will be joined by shorter solos from Chandos’ Alison Alexander and Katherine Lush (sopranos) and members of Chandos in the chorus. Further details can be found at www.bathchamberopera.co.uk.

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To locate the Magdalen Chapel, please click http://www.magdalenchapelbath.co.uk/find_us.html